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Saphira: President

Hi everyone! My name’s Saphira and I’m super passionate about equity and making a change. I’m an active memebr in YLC, CYC, YPH, BBYO and I’m a student journalist. I want everyone to know that if they need anything, please contact us, and that we care. And you matter.

Beckett: Vice President

I am an Eagle County resident who is dedicated to the cause of mental illness, substance use, and youth involvement. I am personally passionate about literature, computer science and marketing, and I serve as a board member for the Eagle River Youth Coalition. I am at your service.

Logan: Public Relations

Dia daoibh! My name is Logan and I’m passionate about everything I do! I’m an Al-Anon advocate as well as a stigma protester. I’ve always dreamed about being a novelist, but in my free times I’m a rodeo queen and a local theater student. Always remember, you’re never alone

Tenely: Secretary

Hello friends! My name is Tenley. I’m super energetic and passionate about mental health. I play golf and I ride horses. I work as a counselor for Wecmrd and I like sleeping. I want everyone to know that it might seem really dark right now but there will be a light. Stay strong.

Alyssa: Social Media Director

Hello! I’m Alyssa. My dream is to support individuality and create an environment where everyone feels free to be their true self. Uniqueness should be a quality that is celebrated and praised. LGBTQ+ supporter and anti-bully activist.

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