What We Bring

This project is needed because youth voice in this subject isn’t heard when it truly needs to, because this subject affects us all. We are different in the idea that we’re not just trying to change protocol within schools, but also within our society

Our Motto and Mascot

Our mascot is Jerry the Rubber Duck, they want to tell everyone to “float on” and they send positive vibes only. Jerry believes in you, and wants you to hang on because they know things will turn out okay in the end.

Our Base

We’re currently funded by the Colorado Youth Council, a congress for “diverse youth communities leading change.”

Check them out here: https://coyouthcongress.org/

We Were Left Behind

Documentary in progress. Interviews with people who’s loved ones have committed suicide. We want to show you that you matter, and that your life is worth living. We want to show you that there are people who love you, and who’s life would be destroyed without you in it.

Imagine A World Video

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